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Client Testimonials and Results

Dear John and Team:

I am writing this letter to sincerely thank you for your help with the legal proceedings for our son, which favorably concluded today at the Cape May County Court House after nine (9) long months.

Because our son was a first-time offender, my wife and I went into this process totally naïve as to what to expect from the juvenile legal process. Although we agree that his crime certainly warranted some level of punishment, we are absolutely and totally dismayed at the intense fervor with which the District Attorney (DA) pursued the most severe penalties.

Without your keen legal guidance and ability to navigate the frightening waters of the judicial system, he would likely have ended up with the most severe consequences. Instead, with your help, he was given an opportunity to demonstrate that he is a young man worthy of a second chance.

Simply put, without you, the outcome for our son would have been much different and almost certainly caused irreparable damage to his future.

You and your entire staff have our sincere gratitude and appreciation.

Best regards,
Michael, Father of a Criminal Defense Client

March 6, 2018

Dear John and Brenden:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful legal representation that you provided to my son. As you know, matters such as this weigh heavily upon an entire very close-knit family. In the more than 6 months that this matter was hanging in the balance … I had unconditional faith in your commitment to and talent demonstrated on behalf of my son. Words fall short in terms of my being able to properly convey how much today’s fabulous result means to my entire family.

With sincere thanks and appreciation,
A Grateful Father

Dear Mr. Zarych,

About four months ago my son found himself in a very dangerous situation. We called your firm because we honestly did not know what to do. We were confused and scared. Thanks to your expertise you were able to guide us through what could have been the end of my son’s life if he was prosecuted. You handled my son’s case with such sensitivity and grace. You didn’t make us feel judged or deviant. You were also very mindful of the family who was charging my son with crime. I want to thank you so much for impacting my son’s life in such a positive, meaningful way. I know he felt very comfortable with you and will heed your advice.I would also like to thank Stephanie Zarych and Brenden Shur. Both attorneys helped tremendously with our questions and concerns. Also your staff behind the desk was wonderful. Their professionalism and kindness will never be forgotten.From the bottom of my heart I can’t thank you enough for how you helped my son get through his worst nightmare.

May God bless you and your staff for all you do!
A Very Grateful Mother

We were completely blindsided by an accusation against our son, who is a high school senior. Needless to say we were completely upset and confused as to what to do. Not handled correctly could have been detrimental to our son for the rest of his life. By the grace of God we came upon John Zarych’s Law Office. John’s instruction, advice, guidance, and support were invaluable to us, in addressing this most horrific and heartbreaking situation. His professionalism and attention, as well as , his overall handling of the matter resulted in a dismissal of the accusation. We are most appreciative of not only John’s expertise as an attorney, but his devotion and concerned for his client’s best interest. John is a person with high morals and values, and can be trusted explicitly. We would recommend The Law Offices of John Zarych to anyone looking for an outstanding attorney.

Grateful father of a high school senior

Dear Mr. Zarych, I just wanted to thank you again for everything you have done to help me. I really appreciate it and will definitely use it as a learning experience. It helped me realize that I need to be extra careful when driving or doing anything from now on. I’ve promised myself to never end up in a situation like that again. Thank you!

Grateful Client

Mr. Zarych and his firm defended my wife in a case where she was involved in a traffic accident. The other person involved was sited by the police. In an attempt to have the charges against him dropped, he made threats to my wife and he filed false charges against her. This really upset my wife. When we met with Mr. Zarych after what was an ongoing traumatic experience, he assured us of an extremely aggressive and through defense. Throughout this experience we were provided with great support and kept informed of all developments regularly. We truly were provided with a very aggressive and through defense. The outcome was that all the false charges against my wife were dropped. The man who crashed into my wife was found guilty of all charges. Mr. Zarych did what he said he was going to do and we are very grateful for the efforts of Mr. Zarych and his firm who went above and beyond.

Bill, a Criminal Defense client

To the Prospective Clients of John Zarych,

I was falsely accused on three counts of assault, which is a nightmare considering that I am a public school teacher. John Zarych came highly recommended from a family member and after meeting with him, I knew that he was the right person to help me. John did not waste any time before gathering evidence towards my case and did an excellent job discovering evidence which was in my favor. John is very well respected in the Atlantic County municipal courts, and after talking to the prosecutor all counts were dropped and my name was cleared.

The whole process took about a month and a half and I was a nervous wreck the entire time. John was very quick to answer any and all of my question, no matter how redundant they became. He was very honest and made the process as smooth and painless as it possibly could have been. The recommendation from my family member did not do John Zarych justice; his compassion and his ability to litigate are far beyond any lawyer or professional that I have met. I highly recommend John Zarych for any legal needs that you may need.

A Happy Client

I can highly recommend the Law Offices of John Zarych. I engaged them to assist a family member in some legal trouble and they came through for us. Also, I had a significant traffic matter that was a misunderstanding. Stefanie Zarych represented me and was able to get it everything dismissed. John and Stefanie Zarych made me feel comfortable, relaxed and confident. I know they had my best interests at heart. Therefore, I strongly recommend them to other people with serious criminal or traffic problems.

Cumberland County, New Jersey