The police in Atlantic City, New Jersey, arrest a number of people every year for allegedly committing crimes. Among these crimes, a big portion involves the theft of property and valuables.

For example, Cumberland County police recently arrested a man for the theft of jewelry and other valuables from his employer’s home. According to police, the accused was hired by an elderly woman and her daughter to drive the mother to and from the doctor. A few weeks after he was hired, the accused reportedly told the women that he had no place to live so the women allowed him to stay at their home.

The woman and her daughter had to leave the house for several weeks for medical reasons, leaving the accused all alone in the house. When they returned, the women discovered the accused had managed to get a superior court order giving him control over the mother’s property and personal accounts. The order also prevented her daughter from returning home. The daughter reportedly approached the court to get the issue rescinded. Meanwhile, according to reports, the accused allegedly stole jewelry, coins and other valuables from the house.

Police traced some of the property to local area pawn shops, and the accused, who is currently in the county jail, is said to have received a great deal of money for the pawned valuables. The court has reinstated the daughter’s rights as her mother’s caretaker.

Being accused of theft can have serious repercussions, including, if the accused is convicted, a prison sentence and fine. At the least, such an accusation may damage a person’s reputation. Those who are facing or anticipating such criminal charges should be ready with a strong criminal defense to protect their personal liberty and other legal rights.

Source:, “Vineland man charged with stealing from woman with Alzheimer’s,” Alex Young, Jan. 18, 2013