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    The United States is a unique country because it has more than just one system of laws. In fact, the United States has 51 different legal systems. Each of the 50 states has its own system of laws, and the federal government imposes its own system of laws over the entire nation. Most people live under two legal systems: the federal system and the system of the state in which they live. Your state’s laws will cover most crimes. However, some crimes are issues of federal rather than state law. In such cases, you will need the help of a federal criminal defense attorney.

    Federal law can be very different than state law. Generally, most crimes are issues of state law and are tried by state prosecutors in state courts. However, certain types of offenses may become federal if they violate federal laws. When this happens, your state no longer has jurisdiction over your case, and the matter becomes a federal issue. You will be tried by federal prosecutors in federal court. While federal crimes are often perceived as extremely serious, this is not always the case. Penalties for federal crimes may be minor or serious, depending on the nature of the offense.

    If you are facing charges for a federal crime, you need help from a very unique type of attorney. Not all lawyers practice federal law, and you need an attorney who can satisfy the needs of your case. Our New Jersey federal crime attorneys can help you fight your federal charges. Call the Law Offices of John J. Zarych at (609) 616-4956 to set up a free legal consultation with our team.

    How Federal Law Differs from New Jersey State Law

    Federal law is different from state law for several reasons. First, federal law applies universally across the United States. While each state has its own system of laws, those laws only apply within the boundaries of each state. The laws of Pennsylvania do not affect people in New Jersey. Federal law not only applies in every state, but it is the supreme law of the land. Some state laws might have different wording and bounds than their federal counterparts, but federal law still applies in all states.

    Federal law also covers certain areas of law and legal issues that states are not permitted to legislate. For example, issues of immigration, bankruptcy, and tax fraud are governed solely by federal law. Violations of these laws become federal offenses that are beyond the reach of your state government. Most crimes will likely fall under state law. However, many state and federal laws overlap, allowing you to be charged by either (or both) governments.

    A federal case may involve purely federal matters or a mix of state and federal issues. Our New Jersey federal crime attorneys can help you handle your case in either situation. Call our offices today to set up a meeting about your case.

    Examples of Federal Crimes in New Jersey

    Federal crimes tend to be less common as they often involve specific areas of law that are reserved for the federal government. Most crimes are going to be state issues, not federal. However, even state crimes can become federal issues when federal law is involved. For example, a crime that crosses state lines may become a federal crime. Alternatively. A state crime that also breaks federal law may be tried in federal court, state court, or both.

    Federal crimes are violations of federal law. For example, issues of immigration are handled by the federal government, not the state. So, people who commit immigration fraud, like entering a fake marriage to get a green card, are always federal defendants. Similarly, bankruptcy law is always federal, so fraud or other offenses related to bankruptcy would be federal matters.

    Sometimes, state-level crimes can become federal crimes when they break federal laws. For example, a violent hate crime may violate state laws against things like assault and battery while also violating federal hate crime and civil rights laws. Contact our New Jersey federal crime attorneys if you are unsure how state law interacts with your federal charges. We can help you handle your federal case while also dealing with the implications of state law.

    Hiring an Attorney for Help with a Federal Offense in New Jersey

    Federal law does not always operate in the same manner as state law. While the state system must not conflict with federal law, issues of state and federal are typically handled separately. There are different courts, judges, and attorneys for federal cases than state law cases. However, state and federal laws tend to interact with each other frequently. It takes a special kind of attorney to pick apart the issues to understand exactly what problems are matters of federal law.

    A significant part of trying federal cases involves knowing when federal law dominates and when state law prevails. Depending on the circumstances of your case, your state law violations may follow you to federal court, and all matters will be heard there. On the other hand, the issues may be pulled apart, and you will have two cases, one federal and one state, each tried in different courts. An attorney experienced with federal law will understand how to separate federal and state matters.

    Federal cases can be very complicated matters, especially when they involve matters of state law. Identifying the difference between your state and federal issues and figuring out how to best handle each requires a unique set of skills. Our team has the skills and experience necessary to help you. For help with your case, contact our New Jersey federal crimes lawyers.

    Call Our New Jersey Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

    If you are facing federal charges, you need a skilled federal lawyer to help you. Our New Jersey federal crimes lawyers can help you handle your federal charges and any connected state matters. Contact the Law Offices of John J. Zarych to set up a free legal consultation with our staff. Call our offices at (609) 616-4956.

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