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Atlantic City Lawyer for Fake Identification (ID) Charges

Showing a fake identification, like a driver’s license, in order to do things like buy alcohol or get into a bar or a night club is so commonplace that many do not think of it as a criminal offense. Some older adults look back at their younger selves and think of fake IDs as something like a right of passage rather than a violation of the law. While you might not think your fake ID was a big deal, the police and prosecutors will surely disagree. Presenting false documentation of identification in order to defraud or cause injury is incredibly serious and the penalties are very harsh.

Presenting a fake identification or ID is indeed a criminal offense under the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice. People charged with such a crime may not realize the extent of the penalties and may feel inclined to brush the charges off as no big deal. Any criminal charges, including fake ID charges, must be taken seriously. Our Atlantic City, NJ lawyer for fake identification charges can help you. Contact the Law Offices of John J. Zarych to speak with our experienced legal team about your case. Call (609) 616-4956 to schedule a free legal consultation.

Definition of Fake Identification or Fake ID in Atlantic City, NJ

Several criminal offenses may be charged as a result of a fake identification. First, it is a criminal offense simply to manufacture or produce a fake ID. It is also a criminal offense to possess the tools needed to manufacture or produce fake IDs. Doing so will result in charges of a second-degree crime. Selling fake IDs, or making them available for sale, will also result in criminal charges. If you are caught selling fake IDs, you will be charged with a crime of the second degree. Displaying a fake ID as if it were your own will result in charges of a third-degree crime. These crimes are very serious as they typically involve crimes of fraud. If you face the same or similar charges, please contact our Atlantic City, NJ attorney for fake identification charges as soon as possible.

The above-mentioned criminal offenses are different and more serious than presenting a fake ID in order to buy alcohol or tobacco. This kind of fake ID charge is not nearly as strict and is only charged as a disorderly persons offense. The more serious charges refer to using a fake ID in order to commit fraud or cause some sort of injury to another person. For example, using a fake ID to purchase a car in someone else’s name is a much more serious offense than using a fake ID to buy beer. Whether your charges are very serious or relatively minor, call our Atlantic City, NJ attorney for fake ID charges for help and guidance on your case.

Penalties for Producing and Presenting a Fake ID in Atlantic City, NJ

Producing, selling, and presenting a fake ID are all criminal offenses that carry potential jail time in Atlantic City, NJ. Producing and selling a fake ID are both second-degree crimes. Presenting the fake ID as your own is a third-degree crime. For a second-degree crime, a convicted defendant faces between 5 and 10 years in prison. A defendant convicted of a third-degree crime faces between 3 and 5 years in prison. Keep in mind, these penalties are for offenses in which a fake ID is used for fraud. These kinds of charges are commonly connected to cases of identity theft or illegal immigration.

There are different penalties for underage defendants who use a fake ID to purchase alcohol. A convicted defendant will be charged with a disorderly persons offense and face a fine of up to $500 but will most likely face no jail time. Additionally, using someone else’s ID to buy alcohol may constitute identity theft if the ID is real, and can be charged as a crime of the fourth, third, or second degree depending on the circumstances. However, this is the case only if you use the ID to deprive the owner of some benefit. If you use another person’s real ID only to buy alcohol, you will not be charged with identity theft. Finally, being caught with alcohol while underage can also lead to additional criminal charges and a possible license suspension. No matter what your charges are, contact our Atlantic City, NJ attorney for fake identification charges.

Defenses to Charges Relating to Fake Identification in Atlantic City, NJ

In order to be convicted of producing, selling, or using a fake ID, as mentioned above, the prosecutor must prove that you knew what you were doing. Simply committing the criminal act is not enough. You must have also known the ID was fake or known that you were producing false identification. This means that a possible defense to your charges is that you did not know the ID you had was fake.

This may be easy or difficult to prove, depending on your circumstances. Someone charged with displaying a fake ID may be able to argue that they believed the ID was real at the time. This can be back up by claims that you were under the impression the ID came from a reputable and legal source. If you were charged with producing or selling fake IDs, this defense might be more difficult. You will need to demonstrate that you had the tools to produce fake IDs for a different, legitimate reason or that you were selling the IDs under the impression they were real, valid IDs.

Considering the severity of the penalties associated with these charges, it might also be worth considering a plea agreement. We can negotiate with the prosecutor to have your charges reduced or a lighter sentence recommended. Our Atlantic City, NJ lawyer for fake identification charges can assist you through this process.

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