Many parents believe that juvenile charges will always be expunged when a child turns 18, providing a clean slate and erasing any juvenile criminal charges. This is not the case. Unfortunately, what may be youthful indiscretions or the result of poor judgment by a teenager, can have serious and ongoing consequences.

Depending on the outcome of criminal charges, this may be a situation faced by one teenager who was involved in an altercation outside a West Atlantic City hotel.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, the owner of a hotel discovered a group of four juveniles in a hotel room which they had not paid to rent for the night. The owner confronted the juveniles in the hotel room. There are allegations that the hotel room owner was assaulted before the juveniles attempted to flee the premises.

The juveniles ran away from the hotel, but were chased by the son of the owner. The son was brandishing a pipe. When he caught up with the teens, one of the teens allegedly struck the son. The son also struck his head on the pavement when he fell. The teen that allegedly struck him was charged with aggravated assault.

The teen facing the assault charge was taken into custody and held at a juvenile detention facility. The other teens were taken into custody but then released to their parents.

While the investigation into this case remains ongoing, it is not difficult to imagine a scenario where the teens had snuck into the hotel room and likely had no intention of assaulting or even encountering anyone else. Unfortunately for everyone involved, events can spin out of control quickly and result in consequences that no one intended.

Source: Press of Atlantic City “Atlantic City juvenile charged with assault at West Atlantic City motel after owner’s son hospitalized,” WALLACE MCKELVEY, Sept 6, 2011