How to Expunge Your Criminal Record in Cumberland County, NJ

If you have a criminal history, it can prevent you from accomplishing several goals. For example, a convicted criminal may have difficulty pursuing certain careers, securing places to live, and qualifying for government aid.

You should not be punished a second time for a crime you committed long ago. Those who pay their debts to society should be allowed to live fulfilling lives. Thankfully, our lawyers can help expunge your record so that it is sealed from public view.

If you require a criminal record expungement in Cumberland County, NJ, you can seek help from our experienced expungement attorneys the Law Offices of John J. Zarych by dialing (609) 616-4956.

How Long Will it Take to Expunge Your Criminal Record in Cumberland County, NJ

There are multiple types of criminal record expungements that our attorneys can seek. The length of time your expungement will take will likely depend on the type of expungement you are pursuing. During our free analysis of your case, our expungement lawyers can help determine whether you may obtain one of the following:

Standard Expungement

A standard expungement is a type of expungement that may be ideal for defendants with shorter histories of criminal activity. It may be attained in multiple ways depending on the type of convictions you wish to have expunged. You have to wait 5 years after completing all sentencing requirements for your last conviction before qualifying for a standard expungement.

Clean-Slate Expungement

A clean-slate expungement refers to an expungement that clears a convicted person’s entire record at once. Those who have built longer criminal records may wish to seek clean-slate expungements. However, such an expungement, 10 years must have passed since the date you finished sentencing requirements for your most recent conviction.

Expungement for Other Records

You may also seek an expungement for other types of records such as warrants, complaints, arrests, and processing records. Often, these records can be expunged simultaneously with records of convictions. However, your case may not end with a conviction. In that instance, there may be records out there that you still wish to have expunged.

Why Should You Seek a Criminal Record Expungement in Cumberland County, NJ?

For most criminal defendants, their arrests, convictions, fines, and sentences are among records that are viewable by the public. Even if charges were dropped or people were found to be innocent, these records may still be available to be inspected.

There are many ways that a criminal history can negatively affect your life. Schools, employers, and mortgage companies often perform background checks on applicants to determine if they have a criminal record. For example, a prior conviction or other record related to your arrest may prevent you from acquiring any of the following:

  • Student loans
  • Jobs
  • Firearm permits
  • Credit cards
  • Loans
  • Social services
  • Scholarships

What Information is Required on Your Petition for Expungement in Cumberland County, NJ?

If you wish to have your criminal record expunged, you must file a petition for expungement that includes a great deal of background information about your case. For instance, the judge who will be deciding the result of your petition may ask for the following:

  • The date you were arrested as an adult or the date you were taken into custody as a juvenile
  • The offenses you were charged with
  • The records you wish to have sealed
  • The date of your conviction or the date your charges were dropped
  • The punishment associated with your crimes

Accordingly, filing a petition for expungement can be an exhausting process. Fortunately, our expungement lawyers can help gather the information needed for your case.

Examples of Convictions that Are Ineligible for Expungement in Cumberland County, NJ

There are certain convictions that cannot be expunged from your record. For instance, records pertaining to any of the following offenses may not be expunged:

  • Sexual assault
  • Homicide
  • False imprisonment
  • Robbery
  • Perjury
  • Human trafficking
  • Certain drug distribution offenses

What is the Process for Having Your Criminal Record Expunged in Cumberland County, NJ

Each case is unique, but there is a certain process all criminal defendants must follow to have their records expunged in Cumberland County:

Prepare Your Petition

You must collect a great deal of background information pertaining to your case before filing your petition for expungement.

Prosecutorial Review

Next, the Cumberland County prosecutor and New Jersey State Police will review your petition to decide whether they wish to oppose it. This process can take between 6 and 10 months.


After the prosecutorial review, a judge will rule on your petition for expungement. During this stage, our expungement lawyers may be able to assist when arguing in favor of your petition.

Clearing of Databases

Finally, if your petition for expungement is granted, then all relevant entities will be asked to remove the desired records from their databases. Accordingly, defendants can proceed living normal lives and pursuing their goals unhindered.

If You Wish to Have Criminal Records Expunged in Cumberland County, NJ, You Can Call Our Attorneys for Help

If you need to have criminal records expunged, get help from our experienced expungement attorneys the Law Offices of John J. Zarych by calling (609) 616-4956 today.

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