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New Jersey Traffic Ticket Lawyer for Out of State Drivers

Each state is responsible for maintaining and patrolling the roads and highways within its borders. These duties include issuing traffic tickets or citations to drivers who break the law. However, where these duties end can be complicated as roads between states are interconnected, making it very easy for drivers in other states to travel to New Jersey. Even if you are not from New Jersey, a traffic citation may affect your license.

Each state, including New Jersey, is responsible for issuing driver’s licenses to citizens. States do not have authority over the driver’s licenses of people from other states. However, nearly all states have an agreement that traffic citations or tickets issued in a foreign state will be honored by other states. This means your traffic ticket in New Jersey could lead to fines and points on your license in your home state.

If you are not from New Jersey but were issued a traffic ticket in the state, our New Jersey traffic ticket lawyers for out-of-state drivers can help. For a New Jersey problem, you need an experienced New Jersey attorney. Call the Law Offices of John J. Zarych at (609) 616-4956 for a free case review.

Can Drivers from Other States Get Traffic Tickets in New Jersey?

The fact that New Jersey did not issue your driver’s license and has no authority over your driving privileges might lead you to believe that New Jersey traffic tickets do not matter if you live in a different state. On the contrary, New Jersey traffic tickets and citations are legally binding on drivers from any state. If you are from a different state and were given a traffic citation, contact our New Jersey traffic ticket attorneys for out-of-state drivers right away.

The police are permitted to stop any vehicle they see breaking the law. This includes vehicles from other states. Being a citizen of Pennsylvania, Delaware, or New York does not exempt you from New Jersey’s laws and fines. By being in New Jersey, you are required to abide by their laws or face the consequences. This means that a police officer in New Jersey can issue you a traffic citation even though you are from a different state.

How a New Jersey Traffic Ticket Affects Your Out-of-State Driver’s License

The laws about how states interact with each other are often extremely complex and fraught with tension. One such area of confusion is how traffic tickets issued by other states affect a person’s driver’s license. For example, if you have a driver’s license from Pennsylvania but are ticketed in New Jersey, is your Pennsylvania license affected? The short answer is yes. You cannot get off the hook for a traffic ticket simply because you live in a different state.

Nearly every state is a part of the Driver’s License Compact. This Compact is an agreement between the states to communicate with each other about driving laws, violations, and tickets. If you are issued a ticket in New Jersey, that state will contact the relevant authorities in your home state and inform them of the ticket. Your home state will then take action regarding the citation and any points or penalties.

Typically, your home state will assess penalties similar to those in New Jersey. However, your home state could issue different penalties under its own statutes. For example, if you are cited for a traffic violation that does not carry points in New Jersey, but it does in your home state, your home state could assess those points even if New Jersey would not. For assistance with your case, call our New Jersey traffic ticket attorneys for out-of-state drivers.

How Do I Fight a New Jersey Traffic Ticket If I Live in Another State?

Fighting a traffic ticket can be a hassle no matter where you live. Fortunately, most traffic violations are relatively low-stakes issues. Typically, most tickets are punished by fines and points on your license. However, amassing multiple tickets or failing to take care of the tickets you do have could lead to harsher penalties. Contact our New Jersey traffic ticket attorneys for out-of-state drivers if you need help dealing with a New Jersey traffic citation.

Depending on what violation you were cited for, you might be able to handle your traffic ticket without leaving home. In many cases, courts allow traffic ticket defendants to waive their appearance in court and instead send an attorney in their place. Keep in mind that you must have an attorney licensed to practice law in New Jersey represent you.

However, more serious traffic offenses, like those involving injuries or alcohol, will likely require your presence in New Jersey. Failure to appear when your presence is required or failure to pay multiple tickets could lead to a bench warrant for your arrest.

Penalties for Traffic Tickets in New Jersey

Penalties for traffic tickets tend to vary based on the severity of the violation. To list every single possible citation and the associated consequences would be extremely difficult. However, you can expect most traffic violations to be punished with fines and points. These fines and points may also vary depending on the nature of your violation. More serious tickets are met with higher fines and more points on your license.

Remember, the state imposing the points on your license will be your home state. You should definitely consult with our New Jersey traffic ticket lawyers for out-of-state drivers, but you should also speak with an attorney in your home state to determine precisely how your license will be affected.

If you amass enough tickets and points on your license, your license could be suspended. How long your license is suspended depends on how many points you have and your driving history. Remember, New Jersey will report traffic violations to your home state, so there is likely no escaping the points simply because you live elsewhere.

Call Our New Jersey Traffic Ticket Lawyer for Assistance

If you were ticketed for a traffic violation in New Jersey but live elsewhere, our New Jersey traffic ticket lawyers for out-of-state drivers can help you. Call our team at the Law Offices of John J. Zarych at (609) 616-4956 for a free case review as soon as possible.