Even if the charge is ultimately dropped, a drunk driving arrest can have a negative impact on a person’s life. In addition to jail time and fines, many people lose their jobs and suffer reputation damage as a result of being arrested for DWI. If you have been accused of drunk driving, then the best way to ensure a favorable outcome is to have a DWI defense attorney on your side from the moment police contact you until the matter is fully resolved.

With these issues in mind, South Jersey residents may be interested in the ongoing legal battle of a New Jersey police officer who was recently fired because of a 2011 all-terrain vehicle accident. After the crash, the officer’s blood-alcohol content was shown to be 0.135 percent. The case is particularly remarkable because the officer’s alleged impairment was due to his consuming alcohol in connection with training exercises at the Bergen County Police Academy.

The officer drank at the academy to demonstrate to other officers how alcohol can affect the body’s response time during field sobriety testing. When the training session was finished, a colleague drove the officer home. He was not on duty when the ATV accident happened four hours later, but after the crash, he was suspended from his job without pay.

In addition to his employment troubles, the officer’s driver’s license was also suspended, and he was ordered to pay a fine of $306, as well as court costs. He appealed that decision, claiming the penalties were improper because he wasn’t driving a car or a truck.

In July 2013, the officer won his appeal, and the Superior Court reduced the DWI penalties. However, the borough council recently voted in favor of terminating the officer’s employment. His legal battle is expected to continue, as his attorney said that he plans to file another appeal.

You can find more details on the case here.

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