If Your Out-Of-State License is Suspended in NJ, Can You Still Drive?

The New Jersey government controls all driving privileges in New Jersey, but can’t reach beyond its borders. One of the tricky things about the law is that each state has their own laws and powers to make rules. Because of this, you might face different penalties in your home state than you would if you were accused of driving while intoxicated (DWI) or other driving offenses in New Jersey.

If you were arrested or had your drivers’ license suspended in New Jersey, speak to a New Jersey attorney about your charges and penalties. Atlantic City license suspension attorneys at the law offices of John J. Zarych may be able to help you fight your charges and determine the consequences your NJ drivers’ license suspension could have in other states.

Out of State License Suspended in NJ

The State of New Jersey only has the power to control driving in New Jersey and New Jersey drivers’ licenses. If you have a New Jersey drivers’ license, the State may suspend, revoke, or otherwise take away your license. If you are too young to have a drivers’ license in New Jersey, they can also push back the date you become eligible to get a drivers’ license.

However, New Jersey can’t take away your out-of-state drivers’ license. Licenses issued by other states are the responsibility of that state, and will not be suspended or revoked at home by the State of New Jersey.

However, New Jersey can block your ability to drive within its borders, even if you have a valid license from another state. States generally work together to allow drivers to drive anywhere with any license. For instance, if you have a valid Pennsylvania or New York drivers’ license, you can take your car through New Jersey without any problems. However, if New Jersey wants to take away your ability to drive in Jersey, they can do that. Even if your drivers’ license would be valid in your home state or another state, New Jersey can suspend your New Jersey driving privileges.

If you were on vacation in Atlantic City or the Jersey Shore when your license was suspended, that could mean you cannot legally drive home. You’ll need someone else to drive you back to the border before you can legally start driving again. If you are pulled over again in New Jersey, the police will be able to check your driving record and see that your privileges are suspended. This can mean further punishments for driving with a suspended license. Our New Jersey traffic ticket lawyers for out of state drivers can help.

Can NJ Suspend my PA or NY License?

Just because your driving privileges were suspended in a different state does not mean that your home state won’t take action against you. Most states have a law that will suspend your home state’s drivers’ license if you committed a crime or serious driving offense in another state. In the same way that a babysitter or a teacher will report bad conduct back to the child’s parents, states have systems in place to ensure that bad conduct in other states is penalized at home.

Most states have rules in place requiring you to report an out-of-state license suspension to your home state. This is part of the rules of the “Drivers’ License Compact.” The Drivers’ License Compact is an agreement between 46 states, including New Jersey and its neighbors, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. This agreement automatically reports suspensions and other issues, such as driving while intoxicated, to the “National Driver Register” so other states can assess penalties against their licensed drivers for driving offenses committed in other states.

Your home state may have laws requiring you to report an out-of-state license suspension to your home state. Particularly with regard to the following offenses, you may need to report them to your home state’s department of motor vehicles (DMV) or department of transportation (DOT):

  • Vehicular manslaughter;
  • DUI/DWI;
  • Leaving the scene of an accident; or
  • Other indictable crimes (felonies) involving a vehicle.

South Jersey DWI Lawyers

Your home state will likely suspend your driving privileges at home and in other states for reporting this, but there may be worse penalties or longer suspensions for failing to report.

Driving with a suspended license can carry extended suspensions, fines, and possibly even jail time in many states. Make sure to talk to an attorney about the consequences of having your license suspended. If your home state automatically suspends your license for offenses committed in other states, you may be driving on a suspended drivers’ license without knowing it.

New Jersey Suspended Drivers’ License Lawyers

If your out-of-state license was suspended in New Jersey, you might also face penalties at home. These could remove your driving privileges and open you to additional punishments for driving with a suspended license. Talk to a New Jersey attorney today to learn the full effects of a New Jersey license suspension. The Atlantic City criminal defense lawyers at The Law Offices of John J. Zarych represent people charged with crimes and traffic offenses throughout New Jersey. For a free consultation on your case, call (609) 616-4956 today.

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